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 Our practice is divided into three distinct, but interrelated business operating segments, namely; 

Taxation Services, Accounting & Bookkeeping Services, and Small Businesses Management

Our service areas include but not limited to Tax planning, preparation and filing for both valuable Individuals and Corporate Organisations. We offer all aspects of Financial and Management Accounting services; ranging from Book Keeping services, Financial Planning and Analysis, Budgeting and Forecasting, Financial Modelling, Performance Analysis etc. and all the way to Controller-ship and CFO services to all small and medium size business enterprises. We also offer various business consulting services to all types of business organisations from cradle to maturity; business registration and incorporation, maintenance of all governmental requirements, professional management education (PME) services etc. 

We support all your business interests, primarily acting as your CFO. 

Choose any of the services from the Practice Area, that best describes your needs...


 Canadian tax laws have evolved over the decades and still changing, as a result, the preparation of personal and corporate income taxes can be a little complicated or at the least, a painful process. 

It requires a certain level of knowledge to be able to accurately complete your taxes without jeopardising some important details that could result in errors which may cause tax payers to pay a lot more in taxes or lose money on their tax refunds. 

This is where WJA becomes your best ally; we ensure your taxes are flawlessly prepared, taking advantages of all available benefits, and filed with the appropriate authorities on timely basis.


 Starting a small business can be inundating especially to a new entrepreneur who is starting a business for the first time. Even though you have a great idea does not necessarily mean that you have all that you need to know or do for this enterprise to succeed. The use of professionals in various areas of expertise can actually help any entrepreneur avoid the potential loss that may not be envisioned.

WJA Tax & Accounting is a firm of professionals that can help and walk your business flawlessly through the entire business management processes with ease, from startup to maturity. We offer a comprehensive business management & consulting services. 

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